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Rock, Sand and Gravel

 At Central Landscape Supplies Ltd., we offer blasted rocks, which are ideal for building retaining walls, terracing yards, decorative accents in rock gardens, water gardens, and marking driveways.

When we excavate blasted rock from our Cobble Hill quarry, our common sized boulders range from 1 foot in diameter to 4 feet in diameter. If you are looking for off-sized boulders (e.g. bigger rock sizes), let us know because we have bigger sizes at the quarry site. Allow us to help you find the perfect rock to complement your project.


Screened Sand:

Screened sand is excavated from our local quarry in Cobble Hill. Screened sand is commonly used for filling low areas, foundation infills, and raising elevations.

Garden Sand:

Garden sand is a washed, non-staining, lime and salt-free sand. It is highly suitable for both lawn dressing and general horticultural use. Uses include: lawn dressing, breaking up heavy soil, and mortar mixes.

Drain Rock:

Drain rock is a round, smooth stone commonly used for drainage. It also has many other uses and has become more commonly used as a decorative rock to accent a yards landscaping. Drain rock is the aggregate of choice when creating rock lawns for those wishing to eliminate the need to water or maintain a lawn. Centraland Scape Supplies has drain rock available in variable grey tone colors, with sizing from 3/4" up to 1 1/2".

Navvy Jack:

Navvy Jack is a mixture of 3/4" clean gravel combined with clean sand. It is used for making concrete. It is ready to mix with your Portland cement and is much cheaper than buying bags of premix concrete.


Clear Crushed Rock:

Our clear crushed rock has no sand or fines and is ideal for driveways, parking lots, and pathways. The product does not compact and encourages drainage to prevent water from pooling.

We carry 3/4" and 1/2" clear crush.

Crushed Screenings:

Crushed screenings are ideal for pathways and driveways. They are an excellent aggregate for foot traffic and are commonly seen on paths and golf course pathways.

3/4" Minus Road Base:

This compactable base is ideal for parking lots and driveways. 3/4" minus is made up of crushed blasted rock and pit run.

2" / 3" Road Base:

Two-inch road base is also widely used for driveways and parking lots to help provide a better base where moisture is prevalent.

Pea Gravel:

Pea gravel is a versatile small, smooth, and round rock (like a pea) about 1/8" to 1/4" in diameter. Its size and texture is decorative commonly used in playgrounds, pathways.

Allow us to help you find the perfect rock to complement your project. Contact us or come in today.

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