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Need Top Soil, Mulch, or Sand and Gravel?  We Have Great Prices! Great Products!


Get Landscaping Materials on Vancouver Island with Central Landscape Supplies Ltd.

Central Landscape Supplies Ltd. has been supplying landscaping materials to Vancouver Island for over 30 years. Located in Cobble Hill, we understand the product that we sell so that we can help you select the best material for your landscaping project. Everything we sell can be delivered to your site, or you can bring your pick-up or container to our lot. No amount is too small or too large, from sand and gravel to paving slabs. Great landscaping ideas start here. We offer numerous landscaping ideas and materials, such as:

  • Allan Block retaining walls

  • Interlocking pavers

  • Blast rock and slate

  • Patio slabs

  • And much more

Screened Top Soil

Screened Top Soil

  • Garden mix (soil/compost)

  • Sandy loam for lawns

  • Garden/loam blend

  • Bark mulch

  • Ground fir

  • Coarse fir

  • Compost


Gravel Products

  • Screened sand

  • Garden sand

  • Drain rock

  • Navvy Jack

  • Clear crush rock

  • Crushed screening

  • 3/4" minus road base

  • 2" to 3 " road base

  • Pea gravel

  • Blast rock

  • River Rock

Come by or contact us today to speak with our experienced staff.

Add Character

Want your backyard to really rock? Add blasted rock features as retaining walls.

Starting a Garden?

Help your garden or grass grow green and strong with our ideal screened topsoil.

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