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Get New Grass Sod in Cobble Hill

Sod is grown on specialty farms and used by builders, developers, and homeowners who want to create a beautiful, lush lawn quickly while avoiding soil erosion. Central Landscape Supplies Ltd. has access to premium sod in Cobble Hill to provide you the best lawn in your neighbourhood.

We distribute sod produced on Vancouver Island by Tuf-Turf, a family-owned supplier and producer of top-quality sod. We have chosen this sod because of its lushness and durability, allowing our customers to enjoy their yards year after year.

Sod Versus Grass Seed:

Seeding: When seeding a lawn, your grass seed may be blown about by the wind, eaten by birds, or fail because of drought or improper watering. Erosion may be a concern after seeding in areas near water or in heavy rains.

Creating a visually appealing lawn can take weeks to months and even more time for it to be robust for outdoor and recreational activities.

Sod: Sod is an instant lawn that can avoid many of the problems that occur with seeding. With proper care, newly laid sod is usually fully functional within 30 days of installation. The roots of your new lawn are comparable to that of a two- or three-year-old seeded lawn.

Contact us today to talk to us about our grass sod services and prices.

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